The government supports a new recruitment campaign in logistics | Article

Sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Industry, the Generation Logistics campaign aims to raise the profile of an often overlooked employment sector

The government and the logistics industry have launched a campaign to address the industry’s long-term recruitment challenges and sustain the industry’s talent pool.

Sponsored by the Department for Transport alongside businesses across the industry, the Generation Logistics campaign will raise awareness of an industry often overlooked by job seekers and challenge their preconceptions of what working in logistics can offer. .

“Our research has shown that 90% of the population have never considered working in our industry, which employs over 2.6 million people,” said Phil Roe, chairman of Logistics UK, who led the development in the countryside.

“At a time when recruiting new employees has never been more difficult, this campaign will lift the veil on the opportunities in logistics and encourage workers of all ages to explore the careers our companies can offer.”

He added: “We hope to bust some of the myths around the sector and provide a clear and practical pathway for those who wish to explore whether a career in logistics might be for them – from truck drivers to data scientists to robotics engineers. and all the rest.

Beginning with a focus on young adults aged 16-24, the campaign will then target other groups of potential employees, including career changers and those returning from maternity or paternity leave. .

Generation Logistics is focusing on a new website designed to highlight the benefits of working in industry and outline how logistics roles can meet the priorities of the next generation of workers.

The site will offer an online hub full of resources, learning materials and job postings, as well as partnerships with leading industry bodies, trade associations and essential businesses across all modes of transport, including Amazon, DHL, Stobart and Tesco.fresh.

Campaign organizers said they believe Generation Logistics will “make it much easier to kick-start their careers in the industry and sustain the workforce in the sector.”

Transport Minister Karl McCartney said: “The past few years have shown how crucial our logistics sector is to the economy and our daily lives.

“That’s why we have put in place 33 measures to combat the effects of a global driver shortage. Since then, the industry has started to recover and industry bodies report a leveling off in the number of heavy truck drivers.

“The Generation Logistics campaign, supported by government funding, will help the sector grow further and further, helping to recruit and retain a skilled workforce and changing perceptions of the industry.

“I encourage people from all walks of life to seriously consider starting a rewarding and exciting career in logistics now, with a wide range of opportunities available.”

For more information on the campaign, visit websiteor click on here are you interested in becoming a sponsor of Generation Logistics.

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