Moment of Viloan can improve our budget, and also make us finally leave for a longed-for holiday. Let’s remember that in order to apply for a loan in Viloan, we must be at least 21 years old. The lender gives the opportunity to apply for additional money using both a computer, a tablet and a telephone. Thanks to this, we can receive a break in any place and at any time.


How to apply for payday loan online bad credit?

An online payday loan for bad credit redirect to Green Start is additional money in the amount of 100 to 4,000 PLN. The minimum loan period is 15 days, the maximum in turn 30. This is the perfect time to collect additional funds and pay off the debt. Those who have previously collected money to repay the loan can settle their debts before the deadline without any consequences.

As part of the offer from Viloan, we can count on convenient credit conditions as well as immediate consideration of our application. The company also promises to withdraw money from the loan within a few minutes. Time plays a key role in many cases, so choose a lender that meets our requirements. To choose an offer that suits our expectations, but also financial opportunities, it is worth using loan comparison engines. A comparison of the offers of various lenders collected in one place will help you choose the best one.

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The lender’s requirements towards the borrower

The lender


Not everyone can get a loan from Viloan. The lender requires that the candidate for the borrower be of adequate age. In this case, it is 21 to 65 years old. Although the upper age limit is low, the lower one makes it possible for young people who are looking for a good financing for their first large expenses to apply for a loan. It is also necessary to have Polish citizenship and a permanent address of residence in the country.

It is important for the lender that the client Viloan creates an account on the company’s website from which he will manage his loan. Creating an account will not only help in obtaining money, but will also speed up the process of data verification. Another condition for the lender is to have an active mobile number that will allow you to contact the borrower, as well as a bank account to which the loan will be paid out.

An important thing for Viloan is that the person applying for a quick online loan is not entered in the debtors’ records. Any debt means that it is treated by the lender as an unreliable and non-paying customer. The creditor can not grant such a person a loan because it can lead to the applicant falling into a spiral of debt. There are only a few steps left from her to execute the bailiffs.


How to take a loan in Viloan?

How to take a loan in Sloan?


Applying for a loan in Viloan is very simple. First of all, we should meet the conditions set by the lender. It should be remembered that they are different in every loan company, because each institution has different products in its assortment. Secondly, we should select the amount of the loan and its repayment time by means of sliders on the lender’s website. The next step will be to complete the application. Remember to include all necessary data in our ID card. They will be verified, so it is not worth cheating.

Confirming our identity will be the next task that we should do. The lender offers the opportunity to do this with Kontomatik. All you have to do is log in to your bank account from the position of the application, and it will download the relevant data from the ROR account, which the lender needs to process our application. Insight into our payments will help us determine if we are solvent and get the income needed to repay the loan. If the employee of the loan company determines that we are reliable persons, he will grant us a loan. The money will be transferred to our account a few minutes after the lender has made the decision.

Loan repayment in Viloan – what does it look like?


To pay back the loan in Viloan, all you have to do is enter the client’s panel on the lender’s website and make a transfer to the bank account provided there. Remember that a third party can pay a loan for us. However, it should be borne in mind that the title of the transfer should include: name, surname and debtor’s psel. Transfers of borrowers verified and entered into the system are still on the same day or the next after the payment is posted. The information in the client’s panel is updated automatically.

It should be remembered that any delay in repayment of the loan will result in receiving a request for payment. If the loan will not be repaid after receiving the loan from Viloan, the collector will take care of the debt. If he does not manage to recover the loan company’s money, he will pass the case on.

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