Quick credit in Finnish style

At Euro loan they offer instant credits up to € 4,000 to be returned in monthly installments of up to 48 months. Apply for fast online loans without payroll, or endorsement and with an immediate response.

Why choose Euro loan?

Euro loan

In European, you will have at your disposal a line of credit from € 200 up to € 4,000 and with a maximum term to return it up to 4 years. In European, you will have the money you need and most importantly, you will only pay interest when you use it.


  • Line of credit up to € 4,000
  • You will only pay interest for the money you withdraw



What services does it offer?


In Euro loan they offer quick and easy loans, adapting to the Headless horseman of the applicants. They offer ‘Finnish-style’ credits and will help you control your finances.

Using your loan calculator you can get your credit instantly, simply by entering the required information and accepting the conditions.

If you want to know more, look at the advantages of the Euroloan credit:

  • Free account opening
  • Online credit available 24 hours
  • You can request it once, and it will be available whenever you want
  • You will only pay if you use it
  • You will have a return period of up to 4 years

In Euroloan you can enjoy what is known as ‘ credit revolving ‘, which is a line of credit with an established limit that can be available for a certain time.

In this way, if you request a credit for a specific amount you will be able to have that money during the time the credit lasts paying a monthly fee.

The fee is established with part of the amount used plus the interest generated from the amount provided, although even so, Euroloan establishes a minimum monthly amount.

How does it work?


To get credit instantly, simply select the amount you will need and complete the application. For this you will have to enter your personal data, perform secure authentication, accept the terms and conditions and finally withdraw the funds.

In Euroloan you can have a line of credit for a value ranging from € 200 to € 4,000 . Depending on the amount you have entered, you can return it within a period ranging from 5 months to 48 months.

Likewise, the monthly payment for the credit will be fixed, and it is important that you are up to date with the payments to continue enjoying the credit line.

To know more about the revolving credits of Euroloan we are going to leave you some additional advantages so that you have it in mind if you are thinking about requesting it.

  • When you authorize the credit limit you can have the amount at any time and for what you need, as long as you do not exceed the amount granted
  • As long as the credit is available you will not have to request any new credit to make withdrawals of funds
  • Euroloan credits offer flexibility in payments, since you can choose the monthly amount to be paid to enjoy this line of credit
  • In addition, you can also set the date of payment for the monthly fee
  • And very important, in Euroloan credit lines you will not pay interest on the total credit limit but only for the amount you use, which is great

What requirements are needed?


In Euroloan requesting a credit is completely free, so to ask for it you will not need to pay anything. In the same way that the decision of the credit and the opening of the account is also free.

But, not everyone can apply for a loan. It is necessary to fulfill some requirements:

  • Be of legal age (+18)
  • Be a resident in Spain (or have resided in Spain for 5 years)
  • Have a valid DNI
  • Not be registered in files of defaulters (ASNEF)

Calculate your loan online!

Calculate your loan online!


In Euroloan, asking for a loan is very simple and once granted, you will be able to enjoy credit as you wish and without limitations of any kind. To do this use the form and complete all the information requested, and most importantly, set the amount.

  • In Euroloan you can request credits from € 200 to € 4,000
  • You can return them in a minimum period of 5 months to a maximum of 48 months
  • Depending on the amount requested, an appropriate monthly installment will be established

How to return a loan?


How any loan you will have to return it within the term established in the contract. In this case, being a line of credit you will have to take charge of the payment of monthly installments to be able to have the requested money, and you will be able to use it as you want.

Depending on the amount requested you will have at your disposal a limited amount of that amount, that is, if you request € 1,000 you will not be able to have more money than that.

Let’s see, I know it’s a logical question but it’s important to make it clear because credit lines also have their limits.

As soon as you have completed all the payments, the credit will be paid automatically, so if you need more you must request a new line of credit.

What are the consequences of delays or non-payment?


If you are going to request a line of credit, the first thing you should think about is whether you will be able to face the payment of the installments and the return of the same in the established time.

Otherwise I would not recommend applying for a line of credit, because it implies a responsibility.

Although, if you need money, what I can advise you the most is that you request a loan to be repaid in 30 days and that way you will avoid problems due to not being able to pay the installments of the line of credit.

Although in Euroloan you will only pay for the money you will have to pay every month, so you must be clear that you can do it and if it is the most convenient.

The delay in the payment of fees can have consequences, starting with not being able to have your line of credit so freely and having certain limitations in withdrawals.


Your quick credit – Fast, easy and without paperwork


Credits offer more than 500 financial products, so you can buy different options and use your calculator to find the best loans and mini credits.

You can choose the service that best suits your Anna Christie.

Why choose a loan?

Why choose a loan?


You can get a loan of up to € 9,000, with a maturity period of up to 60 months and only in 5 minutes. So, if you are lacking in liquidity, ask for your loan today. Also, the first loan is without charges!


  • It is a comparator with more than 500 products
  • Loans of up to € 9,000 are offered
  • The first loan is free


  • They only help you find loans, they do not offer them
  • Subscription of € 34.90 for using its services

What services does credit loan offer?

What services does credit loan offer?

In Tu Credito Rapido you will be able to find the loan you were looking for just to your needs, fast, easy and without paperwork since all the procedures of the application are online. In addition, they will help you find the loan you need instantly, in just 5 minutes.

You will have access to the best offers in the financial market, with more than 500 products to choose from. It is 100% secure so you can surf your portal with complete peace of mind since your data will always be protected.

Finally, you can compare and buy your products as many times as you want and need it. You will only have to look for the loan or credit that you need and request it.

In addition, you can also purchase other services such as credit cards or bank accounts.

How does your Quick Credit work?

In credit you will have at your disposal the best loans and mini credits, and also with the best market conditions.

You can compare the different financial products to choose the one that best suits your Anna Christie, and once you have it located you will have the loans within a click. The whole process is 100%.

To start you will only have to follow 4 simple steps:

  • Subscribe to the Tu-Credito-Rapido community
  • Verify your identity
  • Choose the best product according to your Anna Christie
  • Apply the chosen product

On the other hand, you can access your account whenever you want both from the computer and from a mobile phone or device with an Internet connection.

What is the subscription fee?

They will help you find the loan you need by offering you the options that best suit your search criteria. All the products offered are safe and reliable as they have gone through the Tu-Crédito-Rápido quality filter.

To enjoy the services, as we have already said, you will have to subscribe, and the subscription fee is € 34.90 to be paid in a single installment.

What requirements are needed?

To be able to enjoy the offer of loans and credits what you will find in Tu-Crédito-Rápido you will need to fulfill some conditions, which are:

  • Be of legal age (+18)
  • Reside in Spain
  • Have a valid DNI
  • Do not appear in the ASNEF file, or similar

Calculate your loan online!

You can find the loan that you need and which best suits your Anna Christie. Once you are subscribed to their services you can use the loan calculator to choose the amount of money you need and the duration of the loan.

  • The loans you can ask for will be from € 50 to € 9,000
  • With a duration ranging from 7 days to 60 months

Once you confirm the desired amount and deadline for your return you can send the request and from Tu-Crédito-Rápido they will locate and offer you the best options for you, 100% securely and with total confidence.

How to return a loan?

Once the loan due date has been met you will have to pay it, and to do so you will surely have to make a transfer or deposit account to the lender who offered you the loan or credit.

Realize that Tu-Crédito-Rápido is an online community of financial experts who are here to help you choose the best credit solution for you, but once they offer you the different alternatives you are the one who chooses and decides which product interests you the most.

So the payment will depend on who you hire the product with.

In many cases, they will automatically charge you to your bank account and other times it will be you who must be pending to pay it within the established period.

What are the consequences of delays or non-payment?

What are the consequences of delays or non-payment?

The consequences of the delays are clear, and it does not matter what product you choose as long as you pay it on time. If you do not pay when it corresponds, you will surely have to pay a late penalty. And if you continue without paying then imagine, the usual.

Depending on who you hire the loan or credit with, you will be able to extend it to have more room to return it.

In most cases you will have to pay a commission to extend the duration of the loan, and you will have up to 30 days to return it.

But look carefully before hiring a loan because not all can be extended, and once the deadline to return it can not do anything to buy time.